State Technology & Manufacturing has extensive capability and expertise in precision machining.  Whether it be close-tolerance prototype or high-volume production, State can deliver a high quality product to meet even the most rigid quality requirements. 

Our CAD/CAM & CAD capabilities allow us to take IGES, DXF, DWG files and make your 2D or 3D designs a reality.  Our CNC mills give us the capacity to machine parts up to 18” in y and 32” in X, with direct wired 4th axis.  Our turning capability allows us to machine parts from 1/16” diameter to 32” in diameter with overall length of 110” long.   

We machine to tolerances within .0002 with repeatability of .0002.  This capability is allows us to work in precision industries like Aerospace, Medical, Defense, Communications, Electronics and many more.

In several cases, our customers require other metal treatment processes (plating, heat-treating, others) to be applied to components as part of the final end solution.  We have an extensive network of sub-contractors to meet these requirements.